SmartShield™ -Radiation Survey and Detection Technology

Passport Releases SmartShield™ v2.0

On July 10th, 2017 Passport Systems, Inc. announced the release of version 2.0 of its SmartShield™ Networked Radiation Detection System software. In addition to its groundbreaking Analysis function, the SmartShield system now includes the SmartShield Source Simulation application that allows users to electronically inject a simulated radioactive source to provide a full fidelity simulation of an actual event. For the first time, customers can train to find either a stationary or a moving source without deploying a physical source.

“This could change the game for how we train ConOps,” said Tom Hughes, Director of Product Management for SmartShield Technology. “The SmartShield Source Simulation application enables hazmat units to train without the logistics of radiation sources, in public areas should they choose, using the equipment that they would use in day-to-day operations. This type of training allows agencies to reevaluate and modify ConOps to meet the growing radiological threat.”

The SmartShield™ system is designed to interface with smartphone technology and support both local and wide-area networking functionality. Based on feedback from DHS and many other federal agencies, as well as 3rd party testing of the technology at Savannah River and NCS4, Passport believes that the current SmartShield™ product represents the current state of the art in compact radiation detectors.

The SmartShield system has three  elements: 

  1. A hand held or belt clipable sized gamma radiation detector
  2. A Smartphone with embedded software
  3. A Tactical Control Unit (TCU) laptop that runs SmartShield™ software and links to all the detectors automatically

While on patrol, security and law enforcement officers collect background radiation data. When gamma radiation is detected, an alert and GPS coordinates are sent throughout the network, to a central command station, and to responding law enforcement personnel.

The capabilities of the revolutionary SmartShield system have been expanded:

  • SmartShield Source Simulation, our all-new simulation tool.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Includes Analysis Mode, to compare previous radiation maps, and highlight changes in detected isotopes across the survey area.
  • Includes Replay Mode, to playback a previous survey, allowing for closer review of previous events.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4, S6, and S7 phones.

Analysis Mode shown below: Comparing two maps to show changes in dose rate.