SmartScan 3D™ Automated Cargo Inspection System

Customs and Security professionals are committed to deter, detect and interdict the transport of illicit contraband via air, land and sea. They are highly sensitive to the importance of keeping commerce moving smoothly and rapidly. This balancing act just got easier.

Passport Systems, Inc.’s fixed cargo scanner, the SmartScan 3D™ system, offers significant increases in capability over existing deployed technologies for automated, rapid clearing of non-threat cargo/vehicles, the detection of threats in complex cargo, manifest verification and/or investigation, and the detection of heavily shielded nuclear materials.

The SmartScan 3D system integrates Passport’s proprietary EZ-3D™ anomaly detection, PNPF, and NRF technologies with conventional high-resolution imaging and intelligent passive radiation detection to automatically clear or detect threat objects in primary scan mode in less than 2 minutes.

In secondary scan, or threat resolution mode, the system differentiates specific elements and performs precise material identification to rapidly clear or confirm suspected threats or manifest anomalies, typically in less than 5 minutes.

The scanner supports multiple operational configurations, with the capability to be used as either as a primary scanner with integrated alarm resolution, or in secondary mode to resolve suspicious or difficult cargos.

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The SmartScan 3D™ system uses advanced technologies to assist operators with:

  • Automated threat detection with 3D localization to rapidly detect and locate many types of contraband and anomalies in less than 2 minutes
  • Automated alarm resolution to quickly resolve potential contraband with high confidence through rapid material identification and discrimination
  • Rapid alarm resolution without the need to commit the time and resources to open the container
  • Highly penetrating x-rays for inspecting the densest cargos with up to 16 inches (40 cm) of steel equivalent
  • Dose optimization using SmartScan™ Radiography to continuously monitor and adjust x-ray beam intensity to deliver only as much radiation as is required to detect and clear threats
  • Material identification for cargo manifest verification to ensure maximum duties collection

SmartScan 3D™ Advantages

High resolution top-down x-ray transmission image.

Plus: 3-Dimensional image of cargo’s true density and atomic number by voxel

  • Detection algorithms alarm automatically
  • image analysts can further identify anomalies using both 2D and 3D Tools
  • Provides 3D coordinates for secondary scan or physical inspection.

Plus: Automatic detection of nuclear material

Plus: secondary Insepction: Material identification array detects or clears in minutes without opening the container

Plus: Advanced networked passive spectral radiation detection with localization as vehicle enters system and stops the primary scan