Detect to Prevent

In the SafePassage Roadway Radiation Monitoring System, multiple radiation detectors are combined with video cameras and automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) to monitor traffic for vehicles carrying nuclear or radiological threat materials.

Move From a Reactive Stance … To a Proactive Stance

Passport Systems’ SafePassage Roadway Radiation Monitoring System grew out of a vision that a system of networked radiation detectors integrated with other sensors with proprietary software could provide benefits far exceeding those of independent autonomous detectors.

The SafePassage system is deployed at roadside locations or other venues for monitoring vehicle travel, providing proactive and preemptive screening of vehicles transporting nuclear or radiological threat materials. The SafePassage system is a key component in Passport Systems’ suite of detection products.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible, scalable system deployment
    • Supports a wide range of traffic conditions and configurations
    • Rapid deployment for surge capabilities
  • Real time attribution of source to a vehicle.
    • Unattended operation
    • Notification of alarms via email/text with vehicle make, model, color and license plate
    • Automated, instantaneous data reachback capabilities
  • Accurate identification of the isotope and automated categorization—NORM, medical, industrial, or special nuclear materials (SNM)
    • Differentiates threats from naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) or Medical
    • Minimizes false alarms
  • The SafePassage network provides situational awareness at multiple viewpoints, providing a common operating picture to all operators that are part of the system

The sum result of these new capabilities is the actionable intelligence needed to take fast, preemptive action against threats.