Passport Systems develops advanced active and passive solutions to rapidly and automatically detect, localize and identify concealed threats and contraband for a broad range of applications, including pedestrian-, vehicle-, and fixed-facility-based approaches.

Applications of Passport solutions span a broad range, including:

  • Improvement of national and international security by clearing cargo of WMDs
  • Contraband detection, manifest validation, expedited inspection – all without impacting the flow of commerce
  • Global improvement of national security nuclear material controls
  • Advanced real-time radiation threat monitoring, protecting urban populations and large events

SmartScan 3D™

Passport Systems, Inc.’s fixed cargo scanner offers significant increases in capability over existing deployed technologies for automated, rapid clearing of non-threat cargo/vehicles.


The SmartShield system now includes the SmartShield Source Simulation application that allows users to electronically inject a simulated radioactive source to provide a full fidelity simulation of an actual event.

SafePassage 3D™

In the SafePassage Roadway Radiation Monitoring System, multiple radiation detectors combine with video cameras and automatic license plate readers to monitor traffic for nuclear or radiological threat materials.