NCS⁴ Lab Evaluation

Passport Systems’ SmartShield™ Networked Radiation Detection System has completed formal lab evaluation by National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi. NCS4 evaluated the SmartShield system for sixteen functional areas, including measurement and identification of radioactive isotopes, situational awareness, and geolocation of a radioactive source.

The NCS4 evaluators were professionals from sports safety and security, hazardous material response, fire and emergency services, radiological response, and nuclear operations.

The evaluation program follows principles currently espoused by standing DHS validation programs (such as SAVER1) that assist end operators with objective and quantitative reviews of available commercial systems and solutions. The overall score indicates that the SmartShield system performed at or above the levels considered by the evaluators to fully meet each requirement.

The NCS4 evaluators worked hands-on with the SmartShield system, offering high praise:

  • “The best feature of the SmartShield™ system is the situational awareness it provides to response teams and leaders.”
  • “Passport Systems SmartShield™ Technology presents a discreet, expedient, and efficient tool to rapidly detect, isolate, and identify gamma radiation-emitting sources. The interface, which utilizes features present in the current generation of smart phones is user-friendly and presents a variety of tools useful to new users and experienced users alike.”
  • “The system has the ability to electronically inject a simulated radioactive source that provides a full fidelity simulation of an actual event, even allowing the individual detectors and hand-held devices to respond as they would during a real event. It allows teams to ‘train the way they fight.’ This is a significant capability.”

To read the lab report, including testing methodology and the SmartShield system’s results, click the link below: